The Characteristics of EGGS

Rich in Nutrients

Eggs are a handy food parcel containing all the nutrients except Vitamin C, but they are especially renowned for the high quality of the protein they contain and are therefore an important part of a balanced diet.


The egg yolk contains an emulsifying agent, lecithin, which acts as a stabilising emulsion between oil and water.  This prevents oil and water mixtures from separating. Lecithin attracts oil and water particles and forms a thin layer around them to keep them from dispersing.

Foaming ability

A foam is created when air molecules are surrounded by egg protein and captured.  When egg whites are whisked, air is included.  At the same time, the twisted protein spiral unfolds and stretches, capturing and surrounding the air in a stable foam.

Coagulation (Congealing)

Coagulation is a physio-chemical change which takes place when protein is converted from fluid to a semi-solid state.  Coagulation is caused by heat, salt, acids, alkali and whipping.

The uses of EGGS

The composition of an egg makes it the most versatile ingredietn in baking.  Eggs have the following uses:

  • Enhances the Nutritional value of other foods
  • Raising agent
  • Binding substance and coating
  • Thickening agent
  • Emulsifying agent
  • Glazing and sealing
  • Clarifying fluids
  • Controlling crystallization
  • Adding colour and flavour
  • Garnishing
  • Ideal for any meal

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Where would we be without the EGG?

Functional Foods are those providing health benefits beyond basic nutrition.  It is now known that there is little if any connection between dietary cholesterol (as found in eggs) and blood cholesterol.  The egg is now centre stage once again, starring in a leading role as a functional food, which helps to prevent certain illnesses:

  • Eggs help keep our eyes healthy.
  • Eggs give us brainpower
  • Eggs reduce the risk of Spina Bifida
  • Eggs reduce the risk of Osteporosis
  • This naturally goodd food is the only protein source that provides all the essential amino acids and is also the cheapest source of high quality animal protein.