Eggs have always been regarded by nutritionists as one of nature's most perfect foods.  Eggs are cheap quality protein but they are also fit for a king - nutrition in an eggshell.  French cooks regard eggs as the cement which holds the culinary art together.  South African household without eggs in unimaginable.  Traditionally eggs are a breakfast food in South Africa and it is here that most eggs are consumed.  However, because eggs are the cheapest protein, they are becoming more and more popular for light meals. Eggs in a balnced diet.

Eggs in a balanced diet

Eggs are included in the diet as a protein portion.  The "best quality protein" means that egg protein contains all the essential amino acids in the right quanities to assure optimal growth and the repair of damaged and worn tissue, albeit body, muscle or brain tissue, and to maintain the nitrogen balance in the body.  The amino acid composition of egg protein is the nearest to that in mother's milk.  That is why egg protein is regarded as the complete protein or the protein with the highest biological value.The housewife traditionally cooks eggs for breakfast, probably because it is a cheap protein that can be prepared in a jiffy.  Medical science, however has an excellent explanation for why eggs are the ideal breakfast food.

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Where would we be without the EGG?

Functional Foods are those providing health benefits beyond basic nutrition.  It is now known that there is little if any connection between dietary cholesterol (as found in eggs) and blood cholesterol.  The egg is now centre stage once again, starring in a leading role as a functional food, which helps to prevent certain illnesses:

  • Eggs help keep our eyes healthy.
  • Eggs give us brainpower
  • Eggs reduce the risk of Spina Bifida
  • Eggs reduce the risk of Osteporosis
  • This naturally goodd food is the only protein source that provides all the essential amino acids and is also the cheapest source of high quality animal protein.